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GEMPIRE was founded in 1975 to provide quality emblematic jewelry to the promotional product industry. Today, we are a leading manufacturer and importer of Lapel Pins, Jigsaw Puzzles, Holiday Ornaments, Key Rings, Ggbet, Bookmarks, Bobble Top Pins, Embroidered Patches, Golf Accessories, Logo Puspins™ and our patented Hidden Loop Pin.
We continue to add many new uses and programs for emblematic jewelry. Our medallion programs are unparalleled in the promotional product industry.

Our capability to manufacture multiple dies at reasonable prices has propelled us into the golfing industry. We can provide a complete line of coordinated products for pro shops, country clubs, corporate outings, and tournaments. For example, we can use the same basic design or logo and manufacture customized divot tools and magnetic ball markers, decorative cloisonné ball markers, two sided die struck bag tags, and executive gifts for the golfing participants.

We have even created new key rings - again utilizing our lapel pin process. We offer custom shaped, two sided cloisonné keyrings which provide the purchaser two sides to deliver messages in an attractive and popular product. We also provide Spinner Keyrings where the spinner in the center can be offered in a custom shape.

Our products have successfully been utilized by not for profit entities in aiding their fund raising efforts. They also have been distributed at special events as mementos, given for many levels of recognition, and as holiday gifts.

At GEMPIRE, we make a point of working with the customer from the very beginning; assisting in the design of the product, advertising literature, manufacturing the product and distribution. With our printing division abilities, we offer customized message cards, onto which the products may be attached.

After nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we utilize our training to specialize in providing professional, knowledgeable and creative services to our advertising specialty counselors and their clients. GEMPIRE - More than just lapel pins.

Our newest division, Floral Promotions was started in November 2002 and has been a wonderful addition to the GEMPIRE family. Using 100% recycled linen paper embedded with flower seeds, we print custom messages directly on the paper itself that can be planted after use. What a perfect product for the Promotional Products Industry, a product that can be tailored to any marketplace. Click here to view our Floral Promotions products.

We offer a full array of products including Postcards, Bookmarks, Holiday Greeting Cards, Thank You Cards, Business Cards, and Doorhangers just to name a few. Most of the same products can be made with seeded Pop-Out shapes as well. Some of our stock shapes include Dollar Signs, Awareness Cause Ribbons, Hearts, Houses, Trees, Light Bulbs, Crosses and Apples.

Some of our newest products: Gift Cards that can hold engraved pens or our GEMPIRE custom keyrings; Floral Cards Plus (Plant-A-Card, Keep-A-Magnet) and customized puzzle sheets. We also offer “Pins N’ Buds”, a seeded message card with a custom lapel pin attached. Just some of the ways GEMPIRE and FLORAL PROMOTIONS can offer you unique product ideas.

Best of all, for those of you who have already worked with “THE GEMPIRE FAMILY”, when working with FLORAL you will be working with the same committed Customer Service Staff you have always known. At GEMPIRE and FLORAL we offer 100% customer satisfaction and an on time delivery guaranty. FLORAL PROMOTIONS – Plant Me, Water Me, Watch Me Grow!

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