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"Always great to work with you, so efficient and perfect!"


– Lisa H



"You make custom projects easy. LOVE IT."


– Kristin N



"I truly appreciate your amazing customer service."


– Brenda Z



"I recently discovered GEMPIRE, after hearing about them for years - and I could not be happier! Harvey and Hillary are absolutely amazing and so helpful. THANK YOU to the team at GEMPIRE for making it all so easy!"


– Aubrey C



"I just wanted to thank you for your help with the masks, and let you know that our client LOVES them. We will definitely be promoting those going forward"


– Mike N



"I don’t take the time often enough to thank everyone that helps me be successful … I just wanted you to know that my customer just considered this medallion and pin order delivery as “miracle” and said it was another “Anna Miracle”! I know it’s another Hillary Mackler Miracle!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


– Anna G



"We just got these coins and they look amazing!!! We are so pleased with how they turned out, the artwork looks great and the weight of the coin feels really high end!! Thanks so much for all your patience and help with this crazy project."


– Michelle K



"I think the quality is amazing and we can use this vendor for the Med School opening coin. I think the red is perfect."


– Michelle K



"It’s always great to work with you, I know I can always count on GEMPIRE."


– Lisa H



"I really appreciate all of the attention you paid to this project, from the outset. It's partnership like that, that I truly value and appreciate. It sets you apart - and in turn, does the same for us to our clients."


– Jim B



"You have been absolutely amazing!!! Your customer service is excellent and I am very happy to have met you. We will make sure the entire team is aware of you & GEMPIRE!"


– Evie M



"Big shoutout to Harvey Mackler at Gempire. Did some custom medallions for a 5K in record time. If you’re looking for a first class company to deal with, you found him. Haven’t had that good customer service in a long time. My hats off to you Harvey!"


– Rich C



"Thank you for your work. I come to you for quality and you delivered. You’re the best."


– Steve M



"You make it easy."


– Danielle L



"My husband, Ted, served on the RAC Board, President, PPEF, PPAI committees, ASI Committees and he always said you were one of the individuals he was most impressed with. I see why, you make the process easy, you are prompt and unlike so many, you don’t say no."


– Jennifer F



"Parker is a great to work with... He is always helpful and patient in explaining the various imprinting methods and materials--even if asked the same questions, until it sinks."


– Chris O



"As a young (and very green!) distributor in the late 90’s, I entrusted you with my largest order at that time.....custom medallions/pins for a prestigious Military Academy. You taught me what service should look like in our industry. I’ve tried to emulate that throughout my supplier career. You are always at the top of my list for recommendations."


– Scott S



"Your services are very much appreciated. This is the first time I’ve done pins and you made it so easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


– Jane S



"I can't praise GEMPIRE enough. I messaged Harvey on Labor Day about an emergency lapel pin order, with a very tight in hands. He responded immediately, on his day off, and got the ball rolling for us. "Big Name Online Store" had told my customer, after 3 months of communication, that she'd have to compromise on both dimensions AND in-hands date. The team at GEMPIRE made it happen in 6 DAYS. Phenomenal product and first-class service. Thank you!!!"


– Kayla W



"Thank you for the prompt follow up – as usual you are part a select crowd (1%’ers as we have come to be known) that actually follow up. Still (after 26+ years in this industry) I’m amazed at the lack of follow-up and professionalism throughout our industry…"


– Rex K



"I LOVE your company so much."


– Jonathon T



"I just want to give a HUGE shout out to GEMPIRE. They helped me with a super rush order. Lots of changes, questions, and back and forth!! We communicated with each other day and night, I am not sure if they sleep!!! Thank you GEMPIRE for EVERYTHING!!!"


– Julie B



  "You rock THANKS!"


– Linda K



"We are fortunate to have good suppliers in this industry such as you. The other company I sent the order to was horrible and their rep was just as bad. I hope to send you more business in the future."


– Joe D



  "Thank you to GEMPIRE for quickly turning around a lapel pin order for us. Our customer was thrilled with the quality of the product. The bar has been set extremely high for emblematic jewelry. You have earned a customer for life with your professionalism, efficiency and quality. We appreciate you."


– Jennifer S



"Thanks! You are great to work with!"


– Benny G



 "I have a client that has ordered a lapel pin through “Brand X” since 2012. Well after not being able to get in touch with anyone there, I came across a Promo Products Professionals FB post from June about all of the nightmares distributors have had with “Brand X”. Since I have enough drama in my life, I don’t need to add anymore. I came to GEMPIRE."


– Tom D



"I have worked on several projects with Parker. He goes above and beyond my customer service expectations. I always feel secure knowing he is following-up on my orders and is on top of the production. He responds in a timely manner and always finds a way work toward customer satisfaction. He has set a high standard of customer service even as I compare his service to all other suppliers I’ve worked with. When I am researching an item I know GEMPIRE offers, I don’t give the competing suppliers much consideration knowing the attention I will receive with Parker."


– Bonnie C



"In 22 years of being a distributor, I have never written to an owner of a company that I have processed an order with but I just had to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with Diana. Her response to my 1st inquiry for a quote was excellent and led the way to getting an order that my customer said was perfect and beautiful. I truly believe that Diana’s detailed questions and suggestions for the coin created a virtual proof that finalized my customer’s decision to proceed. Your art department did a great job on the virtual proof. This is the 1st order I have ever done for coins and Diana’s guidance made it much easier for me to explain the process to my customer."


– Alida Y



"I had an order at a different supplier that after 4 months did not produce our lapel pins. GEMPIRE recreated the pin, produced it and delivered the pin in record time. I am so impressed with the entire GEMPIRE team for going above and beyond. I highly recommend GEMPIRE. Their experience, professionalism, product quality and customer service is second to none."


– Jennifer S



"Everybody says you are the best to work with….they aren’t lying. I started my industry career as a supplier. The manufacturers that give good customer service are the manufacturers that I am loyal to. To find top notch customer service is a rarity these days. I only give kudos where kudos are due."


– Summer N



"Triple kudos to GEMPIRE, for once again (and always) providing not only superb service, but for their patient and informed advice. Harvey and his team don't just process orders, they take the time to teach me about (for example) lapel pins and which process will provide the best results for a beautiful product. They also jumped into action when a client's own artwork caused some unintended consternation and they needed an immediate replacement. We were able to get a super fast replacement in time for their event. GEMPIRE is the cape that makes me a hero!"


– Isa C



"GEMPIRE came to the rescue and did an order for us that another supplier had failed to complete - we got the order 2 days earlier than expected and they Saved us from missing a Deadline for our client. Thank you to Harvey and his staff for making this happen and without stress. They do what they say they will do and that is So refreshing in this day and time!!!!! GREAT customer service."


– Sylvia M




"Jay at GEMPIRE has been truly outstanding. I have been in this industry since 1993. I have dealt with a lot of people. Rarely have I worked with someone as efficient, competent and responsive."



– Michael B



"Today's Thank You goes to GEMPIRE. My customer LOVES the preproduction sample of a custom keychain we ordered. I worked with Diana on this order and she did a great job keeping me informed of the ship date and included sample packaging for me to show my client at no additional charge. I originally sent her the artwork and she had GEMPIRE's art department create a couple visuals for my client, all in a timely manner. Happy customer, happy ME!!! Thanks GEMPIRE!"


– Keisha C


"Thank you for your work. I come to you for quality and you delivered. You’re the best."


– Steve M

"I just wanted to thank you for your help with the masks, and let you know that our client LOVES them. We will definitely be promoting those going forward"


– Mike N